The Highland Rambler – Mike Greig

Originally  from the Highlands of Scotland, I am now a resident of sunny Jersey, Channel Islands.

I have a real passion for photography, which I fell into almost by accident after purchasing an entry level Nikon D3200 while working out in the Falklands Islands.  The wildlife there just blew me away, and my trip back to the UK via Peru and Macchu Picchu cemented the fact that I would never be able to put my camera down again.  I have also been lucky enough to be have talented close friends who have been inspirational in getting me into photography.

I love to shoot landscapes and portraits but I have never lost my yearn to visit new places and have developed a real love for travel photography.  Over the next few years I plan to concentrate on short weekend trips mostly around Europe, documenting great locations for taking photographs, as well as describe how to get to these places and eat and drink on a budget.  My biggest hope is to find beautiful locations that are fairly unknown in the photographic world.

I have written my first travel blog after a long weekend in Iceland and plan to add further locations as I travel more and will also include past locations where I have travelled like Peru, Falkland Islands, Scotland, France, Italy and Austria.

Feel free to comment or suggest some great locations.

Mike Greig